Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity.

1 Timothy 4:12

In that picture, Pastor Corey was speaking to the participants before they began the competition at Gilmore Recreational Park in North East, El Paso. Normally, we mobilize the skaters, compete and offer the winners prizes. We do not let them to play while thirst or hungry. So we provide them with water and food. In addition, we plant the seed of the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray with them and if budget allows we give them some pamphlet showing them the love of God. We also talk about eating right and maintaining good grades in school. This street sport teaches our teens that when you fall you have to get up and try again. In life this is also true, when we fail at something we must try again after understanding why we fell in the first place. Skateboarding has an impact and useful to our youth and children. We have compiled some of the benefits below to show you as to why you should support us if lead by God. Feel free to invite us or sponsor an event.

Note, we used to do events annually but cut back because could not fit in our budget. Thank you and God bless you. 

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Benefits of Skateboarding, Reasons to Sponsor an Event

Do you also find it hard nowadays to get some kids off the video game to be outdoors. If yes this may be your cause to get involved. Read below as to why we do what we do. We will look at why they are essential to development in our youth program as they grow into adulthood.

Physical Fitness: As they practice they learn the importance of warming up to loosen muscle and this helps prevent injuries. The importance of practice and repetition.

Nutrition: Making the right choices of food that benefit our body.

Respect: For themselves and others. Throughout the competition it is expressed that we must respect everyone, competitors, judges, and organizers. Through this they are respected as a Skateboard Competitor and Athlete. We express that respect given will generate respect returned by all. This respect is for their parents, adults and other youth. Be an example to others.

Self Esteem: None of are perfect and hurting another to make us look good is wrong. We express that we all need self-esteem to be successful in the sport and in life. We all have ideas to contribute to the sport and others. We need to life each other up. Let others know that you will they will get the trick or flow if they keep trying. This works in their life in every other aspect. Self-esteem will make them successful in life by keep trying no matter what.

Fairness: We show the youth transparency they can see at the end of the competition how they scored and what caused them to loss point as well as learning their strong points. This teaches them about fairness along with being self-aware that we all are not perfect and can improve on ourselves.

Team Work: We know that skateboarding is an individual team, however teamwork is about helping others learn about the sport and how to be successful in it. Practice makes perfect, but we must build up new comers who are less experienced. Bonding youth to help others less experienced.

Honor: It says that we must honor our mothers and fathers. It is not about being right, it is about doing what is right. This also means that by doing what is right you honor yourself and God.

Duty: What is duty? We are responsible for treating others with kindness, quick to listen and slow to speak. It is our God given duty to do this. It is our duty to

Responsibility: We teach that responsibility is part of life. We all have the responsibility for how we conduct ourselves.

Social Skills: How to talk to your parents about important topics. Talking to others, the right way and what not to do. Conversations with the opposite sex, what is proper and what is not.

Sense of Belonging: Developing a sense of belonging. It’s also a place where they have a chance to engage with others, help them out, work toward a common goal and see the positive results of their pitching in. Youth need a routine and activities that aids them in developing their sense of belonging.

This program is unique as it uses an activity that the youth already feel a sense of belonging. We build a relationship with the youth through the event and classes that help them develop into their adult roles as young men and women in our community.

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Northeast Regional Skate Park

One of the best parks in El Paso. If you have never skated here, maybe you should. We always hold our final event here. Look for more events coming on this webpage.

God Bless.